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Discover A New Way to Cross Train

Train 55 is a classic strength and conditioning training program. Our programming is progressive, thoughtful, safe and effective to help build you up and prepare you for life’s challenges. The goal of the programming is to make you stronger, improve movement patterns and positions, and overall provide you with a program that allows you to train to keep your body healthy and whole. And of course the added benefit is that you will look good moving better!


Fight 50—a high-intensity, 50-minute class that combines heavy bag work and focused punch drills. Kick off with a dynamic warm-up, then dive into bag routines and bodyweight exercises to build strength and coordination. From speed to power rounds, our instructor-led session keeps you engaged, helping you refine your technique while burning calories. Perfect for all skill levels, this class is your ticket to improved endurance, sharper striking, and a whole lot of fun.


Clients can expect classes with a lot of energy with varied intensity and great music with both class types!

Our Train and Fight Team

We are committed to your safety and your results.  Every class is carefully crafted to ensure your workout is exhilarating, effective, and safe.


Cultivating a sense of community is our goal at Zoom.  We care about the well-being of each of you. We are devoted to helping each member of our team – both participants and instructors – with energy and enthusiasm.


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Our Classes

The journey to fitness is unique with each individual. Whether your goal is to test your limits, build strength or drop a few pounds, we offer a variety of classes designed specifically for your busy schedule.  All fitness levels are welcome and we are confident you will fit right in.


Our train and fight classes can be found on our schedule here!

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