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We are Charlottesville’s best boutique fitness studio offering unique Sculpt and Tone Classes.  Sculpt 45 is Zoom’s newest class offering, which targets the entire body in an efficient 45 minute class. The class is approximately 15 minutes of upper body, 15 minutes of lower body, and 15 minutes of core work. Of course, we always add in cardio and provide options to level up!  This class is appropriate for all fitness levels.


Class is designed to move quickly so that your heart rate is elevated the entire 45 minutes. We use light dumbbells, resistance bands, Bala bangles, and a squishy ball.  All equipment is optional and encouraged.  The class flow is very similar to a beat driven cycle class, but instead of riding to the beat you are moving and pulsing to the beat of the music while toning your entire body.  We offer Sculpt45 classes at 3 convenient times every day and also have classes on the weekend.  Enjoy taking our newest offering, which is included in all Zoom Cycle memberships.  See you on the mat.

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The journey to fitness is unique with each individual. Whether your goal is to test your limits, build strength or drop a few pounds, we offer a variety of classes designed specifically for your busy schedule.  All fitness levels are welcome and we are confident you will fit right in.


Our signature Sculpt45 class is offered 7 days a week and can be found on our schedule here!

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