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The Ride Behind Zoom: Our Journey to You

Experience a ride like no other at Zoom Indoor Cycling, the ultimate cycling hub in Charlottesville. With cutting-edge studio lighting and a sound system that rivals live concerts, we set the stage for you to break your limits. Trust our top-tier local instructors to guide your transformation and help you smash your fitness goals.


At Zoom, music isn’t just background noise; it’s our heartbeat. Curated by Justin, one of the area’s hottest DJs, our playlists are designed to fuel your ride and elevate your workout to a whole new level. It’s more than exercise; it’s a pulse-pounding, beat-driven experience.


Meet the brains and heart behind Zoom—Justin and Cara Goodman. After falling in love with indoor cycling in DC, they knew they had to bring the game-changing workout back to Justin’s roots in Charlottesville. Driven by the idea that fitness should be not just effective but also electrifying and enjoyable, Zoom Indoor Cycling was born.


So come along, gear up, and let’s make fitness not just a routine, but a lifestyle. Welcome to Zoom.

Skilled Instructors: Powering Your Ride to the Next Level

Your safety and results are our top priorities. All of our instructors go through a stringent training program led by our Master instructors, ensuring each session is as exhilarating as it is secure and effective.


At Zoom, community isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our mission. We’re invested in your well-being and are committed to energizing and supporting every member of our tribe, from riders to instructors. We’re more than a studio; we’re a family united by the love of cycling.


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Ride Options

The journey to fitness is unique with each individual. Whether your goal is to test your limits, build strength or drop a few pounds, we offer a variety of classes designed specifically for your busy schedule.  All rider levels are welcome and we are confident you will fit right in.


Find out a little more about each class below and check out our schedule here!


Conquer your fitness fears and get in the best shape of your life!  Zoom offers a friendly, supportive atmosphere and is a no-judgment zone. Lose yourself in intoxicating beats and exhilarating rides choreographed to original, hand-selected music.   The lights are off for the duration of each ride, so no need to feel self-conscious.


Boredom doesn’t exist at Zoom.  If you’re new to fitness or ready to ramp up your training, join the millions who have fallen in love with indoor cycling.  We offer the convenience of hassle-free online and mobile booking. Stop by soon – we can’t wait to meet you!


All the challenge of our signature Ride45 but in just 30 minutes! The Ride30 has hills, sprints, and intervals, but skips the arm track. Perfect for getting that workout in when you’re pressed for time!


Our signature 45-minute ride is a high-energy cardio party. Instructors guide you through challenging hills, sprints, and intervals while incorporating core-shredding choreography. Hand weights are used to sculpt and tone arms, shoulders and back.

Group Rides

Interested in hosting a party or group ride at Zoom?  Get in touch!  We host groups for birthdays, corporate team building, bridal parties, and any other reason to get  your group together and sweat!  We also love to partner with local charities to donate to those in need, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with suggestions. Simply email at ride@zoomcville.com with any additional questions and to book your group today!

Ready to Ride? Book your bike now!