What is ZPT?

What is ZPT?

Zoom Training is a classic strength and conditioning program. It is NOT High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  Quality of movement – That’s our foundation. We put Strength first and provide fun challenges through conditioning!  Each training session is well thought out, safe and effective with progressions to help build you up and prepare you for life’s challenges. There is attention to detail in every session, from Prep Work (warmup) to Finish (Grinds, EMOMs & AMRAP). Everything fits with purpose.

With a knowledgeable coach present, classes have the feel of a personal training session with a few friends. During class, you will explore new, yet simple movement patterns while enjoying strength training. We will use traditional strength tools like kettlebells, dumbbells with boxing, assault bikes and ski ergs for conditioning. 

Zoom Performance Training is a fun and engaging program that will have you moving better, looking better and most importantly – Feeling STRONG!

Training is adaptable to all fitness levels. No prior experience or special training necessary. Our trainers and coaches will be able to modify both movement and intensity levels for each client.

In addition to our group format, we will offer personal and small group training with a trainer or coach of your choice.

Jojo McDuffie is the Head of Strength for ZPT.