Will Zoom Make My Thighs Bigger?!

Will Zoom Make My Thighs Bigger?!

Oh, the lovely thunder thighs debate. “Will my legs get huge if I do indoor cycling classes?!” This is easily one of the most commonly asked questions we get from new riders. We can see how people may think this is the case – but lucky for you (and your Lulu leggings!), the answer is NO!

Proper indoor cycling, just like any other form of cardio, uses your slow twitch muscle fibers. Slow twitch muscle fibers are designed for long stretches of endurance that can accommodate short bursts of high intensity without completely fatiguing. Slow switch muscles can’t increase in size like those fast twitch fibers can. If they did, your instructor’s legs would be so huge that they could barely hobble over to the podium, let alone get on the bike! Still aren’t convinced? Take a look at these findings from other fitness experts and bloggers regarding the topic:

  • Climbs are great for building overall strength and increasing your metabolism. Muscles tend to burn more calories than fat, which means regular cycling classes can help you burn more calories while doing other, more stagnant activities such as binge watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram (@zoomcyclehsv).
  • Muscles are built based on lower repetitions of heavy lifting. Muscle mass is not likely to form from cycling classes because the resistance on our bikes is too low to be considered “heavy lifting”.
  • Genetics. Although lifestyle choices can make a considerable difference in our appearance, taking a look at your relatives may be a good indicator of your natural leg size and composition.
  • Generally speaking, indoor cycling does not cause hypertrophy of the quadriceps (aka – they won’t be big). Have you ever noticed how lean and sculpted outdoor cyclists (both male and female) legs are that ride regularly? It’s the same idea for indoor cyclists!

So fear not, Zoomers! Your thighs will be feeling stronger and looking leaner in no time if you stick with it! And remember – if you ever have a question about proper form on the bike, be sure to ask your instructor or our knowledgeable front desk staff. We’re here to make sure you have the best possible experience and leave every class one step closer to achieving your goals!


Written By: Jodie W. Studio Manager & Instructor Zoom Huntsville